Helloooooooo :3

I host a lot of good services, but they run on pay servers so I need money to pay them (OBVIOUSLY). So I leave this here to ask for your help that you can give me with a small donation to be able to continue hosting my services without any problems. (Also, the dollar price is very high...)

My most important services are:

  • My searxng instance (Hosted in Chile 🇨🇱, the only one hosted in south america)
  • My JustLog instance (A twitch chat logger, i log a lot of channels, mainly Spanish-speaking streamers. 120GB of Logs IIRC)
  • XMR: 482FQXqpTvUDPgK4apRkMbB5Qom9ppCuce6uZ3ekCriieqLcZ1D7Ve11wLp9HGquL9b5vxPBENLv8hT2ab3JhDFAKizawr3 BTC: bc1q66mpdxnu340dnl0qlznq783zzqawskw48kestd ETH: 0x1F011C86eB5805336b601C5cbde14DC3D740987A Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/fijxu